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Best Music Producer in the area

Cinematic Sounds Studio is the best music composer in the local area. Get ready to hear your film music in a whole new light. Lay down tracks in our industry-standard recording DAW or commission a piece of music for your next film or series. Whatever you need, you will receive quality recording, expertly arranged orchestra and mixed. We offer all these services at affordable rates. For more information, contact us on the form below.

Music in a way you've never experienced

If you think music has become stagnant in the past decade, you're simply searching in the wrong place, listening to the wrong kind of artists. But your search has now come to an end; our signature musical style elevates the genre to a whole new level. And if you like what you hear? Get in touch and we'll see about getting you film score for your upcoming new blockbuster. Our music is truly full of symphonic goodness.


Mixing and Mastering Digital Orchestration Original Film Score Soundtracks and Themes ADR, Sound Design, Foleys


C.Hub Awards 2019 -Best Composer/Arranger Nomination World Songwriting Awards 2019-Finalist Best Production-Song Love ISSA Awards 2019-Mix/Sounds Engineer of the Year Nomination


Waves of Life-Piano Album D.D.Kapuscinski Captured -Cinematic Music Album D.D.Kapuscinski Gatwick Gangsters Ft. Film- Film Score Return of the Don Ft. Film-Film Score The Mirage-Short Film-Film SCore/Sound Mixing Transcendence EP-Madame Kapuscinska-Production/Mix/Masters Blood Bath, Blood Night-Short Film-Film Score/Sound Mixing Password-Ft.Film-ADR Recording Engineer Aadat-Ft.Film-ADR Recording Engineer House on the Clive-Ft.Film-ADR Recording Engineer The Unexplained-Pilot-Main Theme World Music Vibes EP-DDK-Production/Mixing/Mastering Soul Speaking-Madame Kapuscinska-Production/Mixing/Mastering

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Gatwick Gangsters, Return of the Don, The Mirage, Blood Night Blood Bath, Unexplained, Care, Snag. Just do what you think is right,


KapuscinscyEmpireLTD Music Production


Nove-High Quality Recording Microphones


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